(CHIARAMONTE GULFI – RAGUSA) The Catania family takes care of their company with vineyards planted in strategic points of Sicily. Their red wines based on Nero d’Avola are a pride for all Sicilian wines.

Feudo Maccari’s History and Philosophy

In a good part of northern and central Italy, the dramatic improvement in the quality level of the wines has come about through the efforts of outside investors, of entrepreneurs who, moved both by ambition and the love of wine and the countryside many had lived in during the early years of their lives, invested their capital to regenerate estates no longer making wine of real interest.

And, in many cases, creating entirely new zones with investments in popular new areas of the peninsula. The phenomenon has been less common in the southern part of the country and on the islands, but one major and important exception is the Gulfi winery of Chiaromonte Gulfi in the island ̓s southeast, in the province of Ragusa to be precise.

Founded in 1996 by Vito Catania, an entrepreneur in the chemical sector, the estate began its work with ideas which were considered radical at the time, ones which went against the grain of the conventional wisdom of the mid-1990 ̓̓̓s but which, over time, have demonstrated themselves to be both avant-garde and entirely valid. Just to mention a few: densely-planted vineyards; the classic head-pruned training system for the vines, a decisive return to the past; the refusal of irrigation; and the insistence on much hand work and organic practices. in the vineyards. Important vineyard sites were purchased as, for example, Maccaraj, Bufaleffj, Baronj, and Sanlorè at Pachino, long renowned for the level of their Nero d’Avola and, as well, an old-vineyard at close to 2800 feet above sea level on Mount Etna.

The wines of Feudo Maccari

A vineyard in the sky, as the house calls it, once again trained entirely in the bush-vine manner of Sicily’s past. Some 175 acres in all, which include those used for the wines produced at the estate’s headquarters, Cerasuolo di Vittoria and Cerasuolo di Vittoria ClassicoSalvatore Foti, a veteran winemaker with many decades of experience in the cellars of Sicily, supplies the technical input and the wines have won a faithful following in the many markets in which the winery works. A tribute to the foresight of Vito Catania, who left us in 2017, but his work and his teachings will remain.


Appellation: Sicilia IGT Rosso
Grapes: 100%
Alcohol: 14°

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Address: C. Maccari, Strada Prov. Noto-Pachino, KM 13.5, 96017 Noto (SR)
Tel: +39 0932921654
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