(LAPÍO – AVELLINO) Joaquin is a small company in Irpinia that has become a point of reference for the production of Taurasi and Fiano with an artisanal character of unusual elegance.

The History of Joaquin’s wines

The Joaquin winery was founded in 1999 by Raffaele Pagano, assisted by the oenologist Sergio Romano and Maurizio De Simone. Joaquin’s goal was to try to make wines with a sincere territorial character and maximize their enological expressiveness.

A very crucial aspect that distinguishes Joaquin’s wine philosophy is the prolonged aging period of the wines and the meticulous parcelling of the vineyards according to the different soil and microclimate. This choice allows to enhance the unique characteristics of the grapes.

Today Joaquin has over 5 hectares and has become a prestigious and award-winning flagship among Irpinia wines, particularly renowned for its Taurasi and Fiano wines.

Joaquin wines terroir

Joaquin’s wines are born in Lapìo, one of the highest points of Irpinia, the famous wine-growing area known for the production of the elegant Taurasi, Agliano d’Avellino and Greco di Tufo wines. The Irpinia plateau where rivers and streams follow one another, lakes and mountains covered with chestnut, beech and oak trees.

Joaquin’s wines come from volcanic, calcareous clayey soils, the altitude and the great temperature range that distinguish this land, are the ideal habitat for wines with a sensational character and sapid backbone.

Wines of Joaquin

Joaquin’s wines are produced on vineyards located at 550 meters above sea level, particularly suitable to underline the structure and longevity of the wine. Joaquin’s wines are aged for a few months in chestnut barrels to embellish themselves with evolving tertiary notes.

The choice of chestnut wood for Joaquin’s wines is a practice inspired by tradition, and recovered by Joaquin who has specially made barrels with local chestnut wood, in collaboration with an internationally renowned cooper.

All these processes allow Joaquin’s wines to develop all the aromatic precursors of which Fiano and Aglianico are rich, also enhancing their structure and complexity.

Joaquin’s wines are distinguished by their finesse and olfactory eloquence, further evidence of the sensational enological potential of Irpinia.

Taurasi ‘Riserva della Società’