Kellerei Cantina Terlan

(TERLANO – BOLZANO) An Alto Atesina wine cooperative that in its collection boasts white and red wines such as Lunare, Porphyr, Monticol, Vorberg, Quarz and Grand Cuvée. It is now masterfully led by Rudi Kofler.

Cantina Terlano’s History and Philosophy

There are many excellent cooperative wineries in the Alto Adige, many have been operating for well over a century, refining their technique both in the field and in the cellar, improving – often impressively – the quality of the line, winning an enthusiastic clientele, and convincing major journalists all over the world. But the smallish (425 acres of vineyards, less important than many others) cooperative of Terlano, a township west of Bolzano, stands out both for the exceptional level of the range and for the longevity of many single bottles, wines which can last and improve for 15, 20, and 25 years.

The cooperative was founded in 1893, a time when the Alto Adige was still part of the domains of Austrian Emperor Franz Josef and the South Tyrol, as it was then called, was in a certain sense the garden of the empire. The warmest part of the realm, it was the source of such vegetables as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, asparagus, green beans and green peas. And red wine as well: at the time 80% of the local production was made from red varieties.

Terlano, however, has always been something of an exception, and even today the production of the winery consists of 70% white wine, only 30% red. And this due to the exceptional circumstances in which viticulture is practiced: an usual geology based on porphyry rock, stony soils which warm up during the day and retain heat during the evening and night, with both quartz and other minerals abundantly present in the composition. The climate is distinctive as well; protected from cold north winds by Monte Zoccolo and other Alpine peaks, warmed from the south by the Ora, winds which ascend from Lake Garda, the township enjoys that perfect balance between heat and freshness necessary for outstanding wine. Rainfall which might dilute the crop is likewise limited: the 22 inches of annual precipitation are more characteristic of central than northern Italy.

The wines of Cantina Terlano

Inspired winemaking, first supplied by Sebastian Stocker a generation ago and now practiced by Rudi Kofler, complete the picture. And provides wines which warm the hearts of the world’s connoisseurs: Lunare, Porphyr, Monticol, Kreuth, Rarità, Vorberg, Quarz, and Grand Cuvée.


Appellation: Alto Adige DOC
Grapes: 60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chardonnay e 10% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 13,5°

Information & Contacts Kellerei Cantina Terlan

Address: Via Silberleitenweg 7, 39018 Terlano (BZ)
Telephone:+39 0471 257135
Tasting in the company: YES
Direct Selling: YES