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Cantina Kaltern

(CALDARO – BOLZANO) The Cantina Kaltern winery, founded in 1906, is one of the most historic ones located on Lake Caldaro and boasts wines from Lagrein, Cabernet, Pinot and the excellent Sauvignon Castel Giovannelli.

Cantina Kaltern’s History and Philosophy

Lake Caldaro, a sizable Alpine body of water to the southwest of the city of Bolzano, is of alluvial origin and is fed by various underwater springs. Bathing facilities, restaurants, hotels, and campground speckle its shores, and the breezes which regularly blow across its water favor both windsurf and excursions in sailboats. Apple orchards are cultivated all around it, and grapes are grown on the hillsides which surround the lake and trap its waters. The waters obviously heat up during warm summer days, and this creates a special micro-climate which favors the ripening of many different grapes, even such late-ripening red varieties as Lagrein and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The area around the lake, consequently, has its very own appellation, Kalterersee DOC, which uses the local Schiava grape, much appreciated as a light versatile red wines, excellent as an aperitif, with the local charcuterie, and with soup and pasta as well. Historically, the leading cellars, unsurprisingly in a region dominated by cooperatives, is the Kellerei Kaltern-Caldaro, founded as long ago as 1900. It is also the largest with the 1110 acres owned by around 650 families whose consign their grapes to the cooperative. Operations are well managed by president Christian Sinn e by general manager Tobias Zingerle, and winemaking has long been under the charge of a series of wel prepared and talent oenologists. The latest is Andrea Moser, and the large number of well made and expressive wines he turns out year after year are a tribute to his competence and sensibility.

The wines of Cantina Kaltern

The significant volumes of wine produced have been divided, intelligently, into a series of lines. The “Quintessenz” premium line is positioned at the top of the company’s production line with five interpretations of as many vines – the symbol of the territory, an expression of an authentic terroir that not only boasts vines of great privilege, but also vines that can interpret them, together with a human intervention full of passion, awareness and technical competence. Quintessenz’s top quality wines are naturally the Classic Superior Kalterersee with its inviting fruit, the grape that has made the history of Caldaro. Another is the fresh and elegant Pinot Bianco, made with the zestful and persuasive Sauvignon, the Cabernet Sauvignon with its powerful roundness, and the pure velvet of the passito version of the Moscato Giallo. In the qualitative pyramid of the Cantina Kaltern, Quintessenz is followed by the Selections, whose carefully selected grapes are grown in historically dedicated vineyards, and then by the Classic line, with cuvées that express the typical qualities of their vine.

Quintessenz Kalterersee Classico Superiore

Appellation:  Kalterersee Classico Superiore D.O.C.
Grapes: Schiava 100%
Alcohol: 13°


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