La Vinicola del Titerno

(FAICCHIO – BENEVENTO) The La Vinicola del Titerno company is located in the hamlet of Massa di Faicchio, which extends to the slopes of Monte Acero, in the province of Benevento in Campania. Falanghina, Coda di Volpe, Aglianico, Piedirosso the main wines produced.

La Vinicola del Titerno’s History and Philosophy

The La Vinicola del Titerno company is located in the hamlet of Massa di Faicchio, which extends to the slopes of Monte Acero, in the province of Benevento in Campania. This area boasts a significant number of denominations dedicated to wine and La Vinicola del Titerno is a tangible reality with its typical production, obtained from native vines, which represent the Sannio area such as: Falanghina, Coda di Volpe, Aglianico, Piedirosso, which are also enriched with Barbera and Sangiovese and in particular with the white and red Solopaca Dop, which is the flagship product of the Vinicola.

With 14 hectares, where the Guyot and espalier vineyards are set in a protected area between hills and mountains, at an altitude of about 250 m above sea level, the company can make use of a production of wines that have all the thickness inside of this territory, which thanks to the conformation and composition of the soils, mainly clayey and calcareous, manage to really give excellent satisfactions.

But everything does not happen by chance when it comes to “making a good wine”, behind an excellent cellar there is always the hand of man who constantly works all the stages of processing, from the vineyard to the bottling. Here to manage and to put effort and passion are Talio and Alfredo Di Leone, who thanks to the inheritance of his father Angelo, carry on this winery founded in 1982 and which today is a beautiful structure designed by the Cerretese architect Lorenzo Morone.

The wines of La Vinicola del Titerno

The concreteness with which the Di Leone’s have carried out the company over the years is confirmed, as was underlined, through one of the flagships signed by Di Leone: the white and red Solopaca Dop, which represents approximately 40% of the production company and that made the company known on the national and international market.

To attest these results, we are not the only ones to confirm them, but the attention that the products of the La Vinicola del Titerno winery have been able to attract, confirming themselves before the eyes of experts and critics of the sector at an international level, obtaining prestigious awards, such as the prize the Berlin Wine Trophy for the company’s Aglianico, an Aglianico that becomes a witness and confirmation of a wine considered among the best for its extraordinary quality-price ratio.

The Cellar distributed on 3 levels, for a total of 6000 sq m, of which 3600 sq m covered, has an hourly production capacity of about 150 quintals of grapes. Equipped with the best technical supports, it manages to produce on average about 2,250,000 annually and the important thing is that attention and the environment is also evident from the fact that 65% of the energy used is produced by a photovoltaic system.

The range offered is well articulated and is divided into three very rich lines, each with its own unmistakable identity and great character: the Titerno Line, the Line A Pezza and the Selection Line “V” to which the company dedicates all the grapes produced. Also of great interest is the BIO line made up of the ‘Arce Aglianico PGI Benevento BIO and’ Alba ‘Falanghina PGI Benevento wines.

La Vinicola del Titerno Wines

Appellation: Sannio DOP
Grapes Coda di Volpe 100%
Alcohol 12.5°
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Appellation: Sannio DOP
Grapes Aglianico 100%
Alcohol 13°
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