Le Macchiole

Le Macchiole

The wines of Le Macchiole have given and continue to give prestige to the wines of Tuscany. First of all the red wine Paleo Rosso, Cabernet Franc, the wine Paleo Bianco, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, and Messorio, Merlot.

Le Macchiole’s History and Philosophy

The history of  Bolgheri  is curious, both as regards its origins and for its current status as source of some of the most awarded wines in Italy. Like much of the Tyrrhenian coast of  Tuscany , the Bolgheri area too  it was not a wine growing area at all. The cause was due to the presence of stagnant water which favored the proliferation of mosquitoes and therefore of malaria. Furthermore, the area was not densely populated, especially near the sea, and the amount of agricultural activities was very small. The first wine, which represented a real innovative effort, was Sassicaia, made by the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta. A few thousand bottles that appeared in the 70s, but that did not produce any particular effect, inspiring only a few companies to follow in his footsteps.

One of these was the Azienda Agricola Le Macchiole owned  by  Eugenio Campolmi , a citizen of the place whose family worked in the restaurant sector. Eugene was convinced immediately that the climate and the local soil could produce excellent wines from  Cabernet Franc  and  Merlot  from  Bordeaux.

The wines of Le Macchiole

Its red wines, both the  blend  and a series of mono-varietal wines based on  MerlotCabernet Franc  and  Syrah , led  Le Macchiole  to become one of the prominent names both along the coast and throughout  Tuscany .

On a cruel whim of fate Eugene did not live long enough to see all the glory that his foresight should have rightly recognized him. But his wife,  Cinzia Merli , continued her activity with the same determination and will. Today  Messorio  ( Merlot ) and  Scrio ( Syrah ) are now regularly listed among the best wines in the region. But even more successful was the  Paleo Rosso , since 2001 entirely  Cabernet Franc , a wine to be discovered and a real surprise given that, in  Bordeaux, the grape normally gives wines with an intense fragrance and personality, but little bodied. On the Tuscan coast, however,  Cabernet Franc  can obtain superlative results and  Paleo  has shown it, inspiring many followers, who have given new prestige to  Tuscany  and its wines. 


Name: Toscana IGT
Grapes: 100% Merlot
Alcohol content: 15th

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