(BREGANZE – VICENZA) Maculan produces its wines in Breganze, in the province of Vicenza. The cellar is famous for its Torcolato, Dindarello, Brentino, Fratta wines and many others

Maculan’s History and Philosophy

Not everyone has the privilege of creating an entire denomination thanks to their commitment, but this is the prowess of Fausto Maculan, son of a large wine merchant in the town of Breganze. The company is located in the northern part of the province of Vicenza, in an area where the first slopes of the Dolomites begin to appear; the area’s climate is decidedly cool, and making the grapes ripen well in these conditions is a far from simple task.

Maculan had prepared himself for the future role of owner-director of the family business at the oenological school of Conegliano, a historical institute for the education of young wine technicians, but talent and ambition, his true first tools of operating professional , were far from the result of the classical curriculum, but the evident consequence of a character and a determination remarkably out of the ordinary.

His very first moves were revolutionary for the time, in particular for an area, known – so to speak – for the production of wine for daily consumption, more or less.

But Maculan’s goal was to produce not only bottled wine of a certain level, but also wine of exceptional quality, able to compete with the leading labels from all over Italy.

The wines of Maculan

A choice that, in all respects, was forced to make: the grapes of the area – Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet – are far from original from Breganze. The techniques were those of the best areas of the world: vineyards planted with new and high density of the vines, drastically reduced, an important presence of small woods and new oak in the cellar. And soon recognition and approval of the company’s new criteria arrived: Fratta, Crosara and a trio of superb dessert wines: Dindarello and Torcolato.

Passito ‘Dindarello’ Maculan

Appellation:Veneto IGT
Grapes:Moscato 100%

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