Marisa Cuomo

Marisa Cuomo

(FURORE – SALERNO) Marisa Cuomo’s wines are produced in Furore, on the Amalfi Coast. Of great interest are the wines of the Amalfi Coast, Ravello Riserva, Furore Riserva.

The history and philosophy of Marisa Cuomo’s wines

The Amalfi Coast is, together with the French Cote d’Azur, the most famous coast in the world, renowned for its pure natural beauty and tourist attractions. The 40 km stretch is divided into a series of breathtaking sea views under spectacular steep cliffs.

There are charming towns such as Positano, the villas of Ravello, the cathedral and the monastery of Amalfi, hotels with all the comforts for their guests and excellent restaurants that use high quality local products.

Above all the other realities, the prestigious wines of Marisa Cuomo are born. The brand was acquired in 1980 by Andrea Ferraioli who bought it as a gift for his future wife, Marisa Cuomo. And he continued, with the help of Luigi Moio, the greatest wine consultant in southern Italy, to create a series of wonders that have highlighted the exceptional aromas and flavors of the traditional grapes of the area.

To date, Marisa Cuomo’s wines count 130,000 bottles per year and the company is widely recognized by international critics as one of the most prestigious enological realities of Southern Italy.

Terroir of the wines of Marisa Cuomo

Marisa Cuomo’s wines are born from 10 hectares of vineyards, a large part of which are planted with pergola on steep vertical rocky terraces placed at 500 meters high, so steep that human intervention is almost impossible.

The climate where Marisa Cuomo’s wines are born is typically Mediterranean, favored by the thermo-regulating action of the sea, which mitigates the excessive heat and caresses the vineyards with the sea breeze. The soils, dolomitic-calcareous, are particularly rich in mineral nutrients and give the wines a sensational flavor and organoleptic richness.

Marisa Cuomo’s wines are refined in an ancient cellar carved into the rock: a very suggestive place where the French oak barriques are placed.

Wines by Marisa Cuomo

Marisa Cuomo’s line of wines comes from native wines such as Fenile, Ginestra, Ripoli, Falanghina and Biancolella for the whites, and Aglianico and Piedirosso for the reds.

Of great interest among the wines of Marisa Cuomo is the red wine Furore Rosso Riserva, aged in new French oak barriques for 12 months: it is a voluminous wine with silky and fascinating tannins.

Among the wines of Marisa Cuomo is also very engaging the Ravello Rosso Riserva which seduces with aromas of strawberry jam and wild raspberries embellished with sweet woody notes wisely integrated.

Costa d’Amalfi Furore Bianco Fiorduva is the real flagship of Marisa Cuomo’s wines: savory, complex and fragrant, obtained from the slight over-ripening of Fenile, Ginestra, Ripoli and from a fermentation in barrique. An imaginative wine of unusual elegance, fully qualified among the best Italian white wines.

But the range of wines of Marisa Cuomo is waiting to be discovered and characterized by undisputed quality, and once again demonstrates the extraordinary enological potential of the terroir of the Amalfi Coast.

Marisa Cuomo Wines recommended by Italy’s Finest Wines


Appellation: Costa d’Amalfi DOC
Grapes: 40% Ripoli, 30% Ginestra, 30% Fenile
Alcohol: 14°


Appellation: Costa d’Amalfi DOC
Grapes: 50% Aglianico, 50% Piedirosso
Alcohol: 14°

Appellation Costa d’Amalfi DOC
Grapes: 30% Aglianico, 70% Piedirosso
Alcohol: 14°

Information & Contacts Marisa Cuomo

Address: Via Giambattista Lama, 16/18, 84010 Furore SA
Phone: +39 089 830348
Tasting on the farm: YES
Direct Sale: YES