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The A ompany for  Marotti Campi , founded over a century ago, boasts prestigious wines like Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Lacrima Morro, Rubico  and  reserve Orgiolo .

Nowadays biodiversity is a term in great use since ecology is at the center of public discussion. The term may seem bizarre, at least linguistically, but the concept could not be simpler: urbanization, industrialization and climate change are constantly eroding the genetic heritage of the planet, destroying the wealth we have inherited and putting its future in danger. A legacy to be protected and cared for.

In the world of wine there has long been the risk that numerous lesser known varieties disappeared, threatened by a few, but highly marketed, “international” wines. A danger that has been felt especially in Italy, which boasts hundreds of different varieties, a heritage to be defended at all costs. A variety of grapes which fortunately has been protected with strength and which is flourishing today is the Lacrima delle Marche , cultivated mainly north-east of the city of Ancona , in a denomination that owes its name to the center of production, the city of Morro d ‘ Sunrise. The total hectares, just over 300, are not many and even less are those of the denomination, around 250. But nevertheless the wine is known and praised by a host of admirers who appreciate its fragrant aroma of roses and violets, its solid body and its length and persistence on the palate.

One of the leaders in the area is undoubtedly the company of Marotti Campi , founded over a century ago and for over a generation a modern production reality, with well-equipped cellars built in 1999. The house currently cultivates about 56 hectares of vineyards, 30 of the which are planted in Lacrima . This is the specialty of Marotti Campi , but the family also operates in Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC and also produces remarkable offers of wine in a variety of styles; Salmariano is particularly appreciated , a cuvée of 20 thousand bottles. But his two bottlings of Lacrima di Morro are also better known and more sought after : the refined Rùbicoand the large and structured Orgiolo Reserve .

{tab Salmariano}

Salmariano Marotti Campi

Name: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC
Grapes: Verdicchio
Alcohol content: 14°