Michele Satta

Michele Satta

Michele Satta fell in love with Tuscany and its red wines, and now produces Tuscan Bolgheri red wine, Sangiovese-based wines and elegant white wines based on Viognier.

Michele Satta’s History and Philosophy

The Bolgheri appellation for a long time, like many other wine-growing areas in Tuscany, benefited from an important influx of capital that contributed to the creation of many new companies that bought land and planted vineyards in what, 35 years ago, was not in the least a significant area for wine production. Like many flat areas in this part of the region, the various streams and rivers that flow from the highest central part of Tuscany have led to swamps near the mouths of these streams and, given the mild climate that characterized the area also during the winter, the soil became an ideal habitat for mosquitoes, thus also creating the perfect conditions for the malaria epidemics that devastated the local population and made the area practically uninhabitable.

One could think of Michele Satta as a classic an example of a foreign entrepreneur since he was born and raised in Lombardy, but this is not the case. He did not have a large amount of capital, so he built his property, which now has 20 hectares of vineyards, piece by piece, meter by meter, doing all that was necessary to create a house capable of expressing his ideas and beliefs on viticulture and oenology. He had known the area as a student at the University of Pisa in the 70s, when learning about Bolgheri, he immediately convinced himself of his potential and decided that this place would be his future. And he demonstrated it with his work – a man with a rare gift in viticulture and capable of immediately entering into symbiosis with the vines.

The wines of Michele Satta

The efforts of Satta and his winemaker, Attilio Pagli , with him from the beginning, both sharing the same work ethic, have fortunately succeeded, creating, even without being able to count on significant means that are available to other producers, a line of wines which is now exported all over the world. There are the excellent blends of Bordeaux , led by Castagni and Piastraia , there are the elegant Vermentino and the whites based on Viognier and, above all, a high quality Sangiovese , a wine that others in that denomination would have declared impossible.

I Castagni

bolgheri michele satta wine

Name: Bolgheri Superiore DOC
Grapes: 50% Cabernet, 40% Syrah, 10% Teroldego
Alcohol content: 12%

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Address: Loc. Vigna al cavaliere, 61, 57022 Castagneto Carducci LI
Tel: +39 0565 763613
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