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(MONTECAROTTO – ANCONA) Moncaro is an excellent winery located in the Marche region, an excellent producer of Montepulciano and Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi. Remarkable is the Vigna Novali Reserve, the company’s top wine.

Moncaro’s History and Philosophy

Large wine cooperatives that produce excellent wine are more common in northern Italy than in the rest of the country. The reasons are many: the fact of working in areas with a longer and more solid tradition of quality; the greater visibility they enjoy; a small or non-existent history of wine production from blend or sold in bulk, etc. The Marche , however, can boast a cooperative that can compete with anyone in any part of the country.

Indeed, the levels of excellence regularly achieved cannot be contested, and this while they work with various grapes in three distinct areas in which the cooperative operates. All this is due, there is no other possible explanation, to the firm and far-sighted guide and, absolutely an essential factor, to the production of wine inspired by Giuliano d’Ignazi and Riccardo Cotarella . Moncaro was founded in Montecarotto in 1964, bought the Conero Winery (to obtain a source of red grapes) in 1995, and completed its expansion program in 1999 with the purchase of the Acquaviva Picena Winery in yet another excellent territory. for Montepulciano. For a total of about 1600 hectares, but these possessions do not worry Giuliano d’Ignazi, even if these numbers mean that every autumn his cellars are submerged by tons of grapes that would make many of his colleagues pale.

The wines of Moncaro

But this winemaker has scientific knowledge and an unquestionable talent in organizational skills, and work in the cellar always proceeds in the most calm, peaceful and composed way, as far as possible. The most important part of Moncaro’s work consists in the production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi , and there are many exceptional selections: Le Vele, Fondiglie , Ca ‘Ruptae and, best of all, the amiable Riserva Vigna Novali . But Ignazi and Cottarella’s team is also very good when it comes to Montepulciano and the selection produced by this variety, with the best red grapes of the Adriatic coast, shows its qualities and personality in an exemplary way. The wines (Cimerio, Montescuro, Nerone, Vigneti del Parco ) are very elegant in the Conero area, richer, and with more body in Acquaviva. But every vineyard, every plot of this impeccable cooperative, receives the right attention.

Vigna Novali

Name: Castles of Jesi Verdicchio Docg
Grapes: 100% Verdicchio
Alcohol content: 14%


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Address: Via Madonna del Piano, 7/a, 60036 Montecarotto AN
Tel: +39 0731 89245
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