(URBISAGLIA – MACERATA) The Bonati family takes care of its vineyards in the province of Macerata producing excellent red wines from the Marches such as Camà, from Sangiovese grapes, and Teodoro, from Montepulciano grapes

Murola’s History and Philosophy

Viticulture is not the main productive activity of the Marche region , even when observing the relatively low number (for Italy) of hectares destined for vineyards, around 17,500. And in the province of Macerata this activity is even less significant than in the rest of the region: the most important denominations, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Rosso Piceno, are completely outside the province, the main and only one to which only DOC, Verdicchio di Matelica, is located high in the mountains near Umbria, very far from the rest of Macerata and the region.

In recent years, however, few and select estates have come to the fore, many of which work with capital accumulated in other activities, and among the most recent there is Murola , located a small distance from the coast but at an altitude of over 300 meters above sea level, which ensures a certain freshness and ventilation during the summer nights. The property from the eighteenth century belongs to the Bonati , originating from the nearby Loro Piceno , and a series of acquisitions over the generations has over time expanded the possessions to the current 500 hectares, of which about 50 are occupied by vineyards. The family boasts a considerable history in science: in 1923 Sorbatti Bonati Agarbecame the first female engineer in the Marche region, and later did an important job on technologies aimed at limiting water consumption in industrial cooling processes. Discoveries that launched the fundamental family work in the sector.

The wines of Murola

The vineyards of the estate have been intelligently mapped to ensure that every single grape variety was planted in the most appropriate place, and the emphasis, from the outset, was placed on the major regional varieties: there is Merlot , but the production it is dominated by family names such as Sangiovese , Montepulciano , Trebbiano , Pecorino and Grechetto . Very interesting is the Ribona , a local specialty of the province of Macerata and offered here both in still and sparkling versions. In the vineyards of Urbisaglia both Sangiovese and Montepulciano really do very well, as demonstrated by Camà, a selection of the first, and from Teodoro , a Montepulciano that competes with the best offers in the whole region (and not only with these).


Name: Marche I.G.T.
Grapes: Sangiovese 100%
Alcohol content: 14°


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