The 20 Best Pizza and Wines Pairings – How to pair wine and Pizza

What wine to pair with pizza? List of the 5 rules for the perfect pairing of pizza and wine. 10 examples of pairing pizza with white wine, red wine, rosé wine, sparkling wines and orange wines.

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The 5 Rules on how to combine pizza and wine:

How to combine pizza with wine? Which wine to pair with pizza, red or white? The Pizza Wine Pairing is possible lends itself to many possible combinations that are mainly based on some general rules and on the type of topping present on the pizza. Let’s see together the five simple rules of a true Gourmet to understand what wine to drink with pizza.

1)Pairing Pizza with white wine or red wine?

What wine wine to drink with pizza? Particularly tannic wines are not suitable for pairing with Pizza. Since pizza does not contain a sufficient amount of succulence and juiciness, if combined with a very tannic wine it would risk causing an excessive feeling of dehydration on the palate. In general, therefore, given that white wines, rosé wines and sparkling wines are fresher, they are more suitable for pairing with pizza. In some cases, however, even certain types of fresh and low tannic red wines can be paired with pizza.

What red wine to pair with pizza? For example, we can try Pinot Nero, Bardolino, Schiava, Lambrusco, given their greater freshness and lower tannins.

2) Which wine to pair with red pizza? 

The red pizza as an example is a Pizza Margherita, having as a basic ingredient the tomato will already have an acidic and fresh component. For this reason it should not be further emphasized with wines with too marked acidity but not even masked by excessively tannic wines.

A white wine, a red wine or a medium-structured rosé wine are a good compromise for pairing with red pizza. For other ideas on how to combine this pizza with a wine, consider an Arneis delle Langhe, a Barbera or a Rosato from Salento.

3) Which wine to pair with white pizza?

A white pizza on the contrary, perhaps if topped with dairy products and fatty cheeses, will lend itself more to a combination with white and sparkling wines with greater acidity, freshness and aromatic intensity, so that the acid component of the wine can harmonize and balance the fatness of the ingredients.
How to combine this pizza with wine? A white wine from Collio, a Grego del Tufo or a Vermentino can for example be a good match with a white pizza.

4) Which wine to pair with pizza for topping?

Pizzas with more delicate toppings go with younger, immediate wines with simple aromas.
Pizzas with a more incisive topping, on the other hand, can be paired with more advanced, structured wines with complex aromas. Matching by regional concordance is always appreciated:

But how can pizza be paired with wine by tradition? For example, we could combine pizza with Speck with South Tyrolean wines, or pizza with Cetara anchovies with wines from Campania. However, if done wisely, it can also be interesting to mix the cards with products from different areas.

5) Which wine to pair with fried pizza?

Fried pizza is suitable for pairing with sparkling wines, since the presence of CO2 and greater acidity help to balance the greasiness of the frying fats, such as an Asprinio d’Aversa, a Prosecco or a Trento DOC.


How to combine pizza and wine? Now that we have understood which wine to combine with pizza, we propose 20 ideas from which you can draw inspiration for any variations on the theme to understand which wine to combine with pizza in a creative and effective way.

You will find examples of combinations between Pizza Margherita, Pizza with Quattro Formaggi, Pizza with Anchovies, Pizza with Porcini Mushrooms and Pizza Capricciosa. But also examples of wine and pizza pairing with Radicchio and Gorgonzola, Pizza with Speck, Pizza Sausage and Friarielli, Vegetarian Pizza and Pizza with Truffle.

Wine pairing with Pizza Margherita – Sanice Vernaccia di San Gimignano Riserva di Cesani

Which wine to pair with Pizza Margherita? A great way to combine Pizza Margherita with wine could be a Vernaccia di San Gimignano. A wine of character, freshness and savory palate but without excessive floral fruity aromatic trappings: it therefore lends itself well to integrate by concordance with this pizza which, like Vernaccia, is played on a few but well balanced elements.
Alternatively, try pairing the Pizza Margherita with the Greco del Tufo wine, with a Vermentino di Gallura, or a Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi.

Wine pairing White Pizza Quattro Formaggi – Col Disore Russiz Superiore Collio Friulano by Marco Felluga

Pizza with cheeses is suitable for pairing with a wine with a strong acidity that gives great freshness in order to balance by harmonizing the fat exuberance of the cheeses. Still white wines from Collio and Trentino Alto Adige are an excellent solution, but also consider pairing the pizza with a Spumante Asprinio d’Aversa, a Metodo Classico Trento DOC, a Metodo Classico Alta Langa or Franciacorta or a Lambrusco. But a sparkling wine can also be paired well with sparkling pizza.

Wine pairing Pizza Napoli Anchovies and Capers Ortale Greco di Tufo DOCG by Cantine di Marzo

An excellent pairing of wine and pizza with anchovies can be Greco del Tufo, the iodized flavor and the structure of the wine will be integrated in accordance with the flavor of the ingredients without introducing excessive extraneous aromatic notes that would take over putting the identity on the mute Of Pizza. In addition, the natural acidity of a white wine or a sparkling wine can smooth out the excessive flavor of anchovies and capers on the palate.
Also consider pairing the Pizza with a Fiano di Avellino or a white Etna or a Falanghina del Sannio.

Wine pairing Red pizza with Porcini Mushrooms Merlot ‘Sodale’ Lazio IGP by the Cotarella family

How to combine pizza with mushrooms and wine? The slight acidity given by the tomato can call a red with soft and velvety tannins such as Merlot, in addition the aromas of humus, undergrowth and blackberries typical of the original vine from Gironde, will perfectly marry in a sylvan dance together with Porcini mushrooms. Otherwise, consider pairing the Porcini Mushroom Pizza with a Cortona Syrah, a Chianti Classico Annata or a Barbera d’Asti.

Wine pairing Pizza Capricciosa Refosco dal Penducolo Rosso DOC Friuli Colli Orientali di Monviert

A pizza rich in ingredients and fatness needs a structured but also long-limbed wine, which counteracts it with a good fresh acidity and aromatic intensity. If you are wondering how to combine Pizza Capricciosa with wine, try Refosco dal Penducolo Rosso, or else consider a Valpolicella Ripasso or a Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato.

Wine pairing Pizza Radicchio Gorgonzola Spicy Ferrari Perlé Trentodoc by Cantine Ferrari

Which wine can be paired with Radicchio and Gorgonzola pizza? Surely a good classic method sparkling wine can mitigate the flavor of Gorgonzola with a nice aromatic burst and a great freshness, also consider aromatic white vines such as a Gewürztraminer, a Müller Thurgau or a Moscato Bianco Secco, or a Spumante Asprinio d’Aversa try them Also with the pairing of these wines with Pizza Fritta and Pizza with Spicy Salami.

Wine pairing Pizza Sausage and Friarielli Kemelios Salento red IGT by Vetrère

How to combine Sausage and Friarielli pizza with wine? In this case, to combine Pizza Salsiccia and Friarielli with a wine we will need a warm and structured wine that can stand up to such tasty ingredients, a wine with a soft and enveloping palate will be able to harmonize well by contrasting even the slight bitterness of the Friarielli. Alternatively, a Negroamaro, a Primitivo or a Cannonau can also be a great way to pair wine with Pizza Salsiccia and Friarielli.

Wine pairing Vegetarian or Vegan Pizza: Salina Rosato IGP Sicilia rosé by Cantine Colosi

Which wine to pair with vegetarian or vegan pizza? A medium-bodied wine will be in our case, why not opt ​​for a pairing of pizza with a good Rosato? Also consider a sparkling rosé wine or perhaps a macerated white wine or an orange, the hints of fresh, spicy and aromatic herbs of these wines will naturally match giving greater dynamism to the vegetables of the Vegetarian and Vegan Pizzas.

Wine pairing Taleggio pizza and Speck – Pinot Nero Maso Élesi ORGANIC from Agraria Riva del Garda

A classic combination, which balances, thanks to the freshness of Pinot Noir, the flavor and fatness of smoked cured meats such as speck, also with aromatic references that recall the spices of cold cuts. If you are looking for other ways on how to pair this pizza also consider a Lagrein or a Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso.

Wine pairing Pizza With Truffle – Vitea’s Viteus Riesling dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC

Which wine to pair with the Truffle Pizza? Whether it is a combination with a white or red wine, we must keep in mind the taste of the truffle is indistinguishable but also very delicate, therefore we will need a wine that is not excessively structured, with moderate acidity and without vanilla notes as it could happen the wines that Aged in first passage barriques.

Among whites, an Italic or Rhenish Riesling with a few years of aging could be an excellent match. The hydrocarbon notes typical of the Rhenish grape could in fact be well matched by analogy with the truffle. If you are looking for other solutions on how to combine this pizza also consider the Etna Whites, or wines with hinted tannins such as a Pinot Nero from Oltrepò Pavese or Alto Adige, without forgetting a classic territorial combination such as a Dolcetto d’Alba or a Barbera d’Alba. To learn more, read the article dedicated to wine and truffle pairing.

Pairing with Hawaian Pizza?

What could be the combination with this pizza? For the more daring if you are looking for an exotic pizza like the Hawaian Pizza, or Pineapple pizza, why not consider pairing a good Prosecco Valdobbiadene, so that the immediate and fruity verticality of the most famous Charmat method in Italy can further amplify the freshness of the Hawaian Pizza . Alternatively for other solutions on how to pair Hawaian pizza consider a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, it could be an interesting wine and pizza pairing.