Reverdito Michele

(LA MORRA – CUNEO) Different and refined Piedmontese red wines. Here is the wine that Michele Reverdito produces. Barbaresco, Laghe Nebbiolo but above all an excellent Barolo La Morra.

Reverdito Michele’s History and Philosophy

For the vast majority of people for whom wine occupies a central place in their lives, Barolo is a magic word, which evokes the powerful and fragrant wine based on Nebbiolo , produced in some towns south of Alba . Known for centuries as “the king of wines, the wine of kings”, the second half of the sentence is literally true as a descendant of the Savoy dynasty founded the illustrious Fontanafredda winery in the town of Serralunga d’Alba in the late 19th century .

La Morra , a town west of the denomination, is one of the largest in terms of hectares cultivated in Nebbiolo for Barolo and is probably the largest if we consider the number of farmers who bottle the wine produced from their grapes, and this for historical reasons. At one time the most important criteria, both for the market and for the producers (who used to buy grapes and wines for their cuvees) were intensity and concentration; the style of Barolo produced in these hills, so fragrant and elegant, was in little demand. As a consequence, local producers were forced to roll up their sleeves, to take great care of their grapes, and to put the wines on the market by themselves.

One who succeeded, and with considerable success, was Michele Reverdito , whose 20 hectares of vineyards place him definitely in the middle category, at least in this area, where the vineyard land for Barolo now costs over 300 thousand euros per hectare.

The wines of Reverdito Michele

Oddly enough, it has always been this way. A typical local company, which once produced not only wine, but also wheat and fruit, in many hazelnuts, and the meadows were important for grazing cattle, another significant source of income. But now no more: what were once the stables are now empty and the cellar is in the center of interest. It was thanks to Michele Reverdito, helped and supported by his father Silvano, who directed the transition from mixed agriculture to one specialized in quality wine.

Barbera and some white wine are also produced , but the emphasis is obviously on Barolo, and the line now includes not only offers with the classic finesse and the scent of La Morra ( Ascheri, Bricco Cogni, Castagni and Riva Rocca ), but the more structured and powerful Barolo Serralunga d’Alba ( Bardina ). Not to mention a series of excellent Riserva selections ( Bricco Cogni and 10 Years ). All different and all refined.

Bricco Cogni

Appellation: Barolo D.O.C.G.
Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Alcohol: 14°


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Address: Via Garassini 74 – Frazione Rivalta, 12064, La Morra (CN)
Tel: +39 017350336
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