(ISPICA – RAGUSA)  This family-run company located in Ispica has worked in the wine industry since 1920, producing mostly  Nero d’Avola. Throughout the years, they have found the right balance between research and the Sicilian tradition in wine production, as testified by Sciave’ Eloro.

Riofavara’s History and Terroir

The winery Riofavara is located on the southeast coast of Sicily, in the south of Italy, in Ispica in the province of Ragusa, in the renowned Noto Valley, the heart of the production of Nero d’Avola.

Riofavara Sicilian company

Nero d’Avola is a well-known Sicilian red vine; but we must distinguish the Nero d’Avola grown and produced in the mid-western area of Sicily and the one produced in the southeast: the former is sweeter and more fruity while the latter is finer and more complex, offering marked scents of dry flowers and spices; this is evident in particular, in the vines grown in the districts falling within the Registered Designation of Origin between Eloro and Noto.

These characteristics are featured in the red wine Sciave’ Eloro Nero D’avola Dop by Riofavara; this family-run company dating back to 1920 became a winery in 1994. The company owns about 16 hectares over 6 parcels located in the most suitable districts of the area. The company is not very large, but its wines testify its excellence and personality.

Riofavara Sicilian tasting

The Philosophy of the wines of Riofavara

The winery produces three red wines: Sciavè Eloro Sicilia DOP, San Basilio IGP Terre Siciliane, Spaccaforno Eloro Sicilai DOP; and four white wines: Marzaiolo IGP Terre Siciliane, Mizzica D.O.P. Noto Sicilia, Metodo Classico DOP Sicilia and Notissimo D.O.P. Moscato di Noto.

The commitment to the vineyards shows in the natural process, the production is never forced, to preserve the quality. The cellars have carefully selected modern technologies and some of the most state-of-the-art wine making techniques, still respecting local traditions and sustainability. The secret of this company lays in the scientific research and in the historical use of a traditional wine making method defended through the years.

white grape bunch

The wines of Riofavara

As a matter of fact, the outcome that the company Riofavara has acquired through the years can be seen first-hand; just think of the market it has conquered, such as  Canada, Australia, Japan and the USA, and the awards it has received from Mundus Vini, Gambero Rosso, and others. And then the acknowledgement it received from specialized magazines such as Guida Veronelli, Guida Slow Wine by Slow Food, Guida de L’Espresso and many more renowned others.


Appellation: Sicily DOP
Grapes: Nero d’Avola
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