Roccolo Grassi

Roccolo Grassi

(MEZZANE DI SOTTO – VERONA) The wines of this are very representative of the Valpolicella area, starting with the sweet red Recito passito, the Veneto white wine Soave and ending at the top of the Amarone della Valpolicella line.

Roccolo Grassi’s History and Philosophy

Roccolo Grassi , founded in 1996, is a relatively new sign in the context of the Valpolicella production area  , a denomination where some companies can trace their origins since the nineteenth century. But the project, started by the patriarch of the family, Bruno , and now carried out by his children, Marco and Francesca , quickly gained attention and visibility thanks to the considerable quality of the wines, very representative of their area and at the same time with great personality. 

It all starts in the vineyards, about 14 hectares, cultivated with great attention to detail and planted in an unusual way in the area, to keep production below an acceptable limit: no pergola with its long trellises with large clusters of falling grapes, but well espaliers arranged with attention, whose care and order testifies to the careful and professional work and the desire to keep production under control. The cellars, equally orderly and impeccably clean, show the philosophy in the production of the family’s wine: this is the stage where the grapes become wine, a necessary step, a transformation, and the goal is to keep human intervention at the highest level as low as possible.

The wines of Roccolo Grassi

The production is based on the classic wines of the denomination, a Valpolicella Superiore , part of which grapes are obtained in relatively little time, a 20-day drying period aimed at increasing concentration but without compromising the fruit, freshness or fullness. The result is an intense, warm and elastic Amarone della Valpolicella , a wine that seeks classicism and balance together, with its richness and size. A truly remarkable offer. The sweet Recioto completes the line. But Roccolo Grassi is also a producer of white wines, for which, considering the area, also the indispensable Soave. The family possessions offer Garganega-based wines, both dry and sweet, which shows all the fruit of white, grass, pungent, and mineral character that has made this one of the most loved and best known white wines. 

Amarone della Valpolicella 

Name: Amarone della Valpolicella DOC
Grapes: Corvina Veronese 60%, Corvinone 15%, Rondinella 20%, Croatina 5%
Alcohol content: 16.8 °


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