Roero DOCG ‘Curs’ 2016 – Bordone Giuseppe

Our tasting of Bordone Giuseppe’s 2016 Roero DOCG ‘Curs’ wine, complete with notes of aging, denomination, blend, serving temperature and alcohol by volume.

Roero DOCG ‘Curs’ 2016 – Bordone Giuseppe

The Roero DOCG ‘Curs’ 2016 by Bordone Giuseppe is characterized by bright garnet red, with a slight transparency typical of Nebbiolo.

The bouquet is articulated on delicate nuances of ripe cherry, dehydrated figs continuing its evolution towards notes of sweet spices, incense and cocoa with returns of officinal herbs.

The mouth is full and dry, the sculptural tannins softly envelop the palate and are well balanced by a strong acidity. The finish is of great persistence with delicate spicy references. End of imperishable persistence.

A vibrant Roero, which wisely combines fragrance and strength, a final in which the fruit echoes intensely. Among the best Roero for harmony and balance.

AppellationRoero DOCG
GrapeaNebbiolo 100%
Serving Temperature16 – 18 °C