(PADULI – BENEVENTO) Rossovermiglio a winery that produces wines in Paduli, famous for the wines Sannio Aglianico, Sannio Greco, Falanghina Sannio and many others.

Rossovermiglio’s History and Philosophy

The Rossovermigli winery is located in Paduli in the province of Benevento, an area that falls within the territory of Sannio, a historical-geographical region of southern Italy, with its 18 hectares of vineyards divided into various plots located on the left and right of the ancient via Traiana, produces wines that contain an ancient tradition. Just think that on Via Traiana , which owes its name to the emperor Marco Ulpio Traiano completed and re-founded in 108 AD, it connected Benevento to Brindisi and was a very important road in ancient times, because it was part of the system of great pilgrimage routes to Earth Santaand from historical sources it was very popular. It also certifies that the Knights Templar and Gerosolimitani themselves built hotels and hospices for travelers and ensured the safety of the journey and that local wine was already served in the taverns, which seemed to be one of the most appreciated features at the time, thus attesting the fact that in the wine sector it was already a well-established reality.

We find this connection with the ancient, right on the Rossovermiglio label , in which the large pirate ship, the main mast, the vine plant, Dionisio, Bacchus, the pirates, the spell and the sea,they are symbols of ancient traditions, which in reality are found in manual work in the vineyard and in the rigor of the production processes in the cellar renewed in 2015 with very modern technologies.

Managed since 2009 by the oenologist and agronomist Pierantonio Verlingieri and his wife Maria Teresa sommelier AIS, it makes use of farm land where only indigenous varieties are grown such as: Falanghina, Fiano, Greco, and an Aglianico area that is partly vinified in white. They are wines of excellent character and elegancelike rosés and whites that can aspire to a certain longevity. The company has some of the best positioned vineyards in the area, with the breeding method that mainly favors the espalier system, at an altitude it is between 260 and 400 m asl and with an excellent exposure, microclimate and soil composition.

The wines of Rossovermiglio

The company philosophy of producing wines that are expression of the territory faithful to the ancient local tradition, is evident from the very satisfactory results, the result of a varied and above all, award-winning production, which also includes a white from Aglianico and a rosé sparkling wine Martinotti method, always from grapes Aglianico. To underline also the seductive and awarded Bronze medal at the Decanter Asia Wine Award 2017, the Falanghina del Sannio Doc 2015 with intense fruity aromas, or the balanced Sannio Greco Doc limpid and sparkling, in addition to the fiery and enveloping red Sannio Aglianico Doc, and finally the Sannio Aglianico Doc Rosato “Incantesimo Rosa” 2016, as well as Gold medal at the Trophy International Contest Wine Expo Poland Award 2017. A reality that represents Italy in the world in an excellent way.

Sannio Greco DOC 2016 – Rossovermiglio

 Barolo Coste di Rose 2015 by Bric Cenciurio

Appellation: Sannio Greco DOC 2016 – Rossovermiglio
Grapes:  Greco 100%
Alcohol content: 12.5%
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Address: Via Paduli Buonalbergo, 53 – 82020 Paduli (BN)
Tel: +39 0824 927178
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