Sassicaia 2018: Review, Vintage, Price, Pairings

Discover the 2018 vintage of Sassicaia with detailed information on the climatic trend, price and description. To learn more, read our articles dedicated to Sassicaia food combinations and the best vintages of Sassicaia.


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Sassicaia’ 2018 DOC Sassicaia – Tenuta San Guido

Description: The Sassicaia of the 2018 vintage opens in a kaleidoscope of intense varietal aromas of blackberries, juniper berries, eucalyptus, embellished with notes of dark chocolate powder, cocoa powder and goudron. The sip is material, voluminous and harmonious with silky tannins synergistically linked to a strong acidity that gives balance to the sip. End of imperishable persistence in which echoes the fruits and spices.

Grapes: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon 15% Cabernet Franc
Tuscany region

A wine that made the history of Cabernets in Italy and paved the way for Bolgheri wines: dutifully one of the best red wines for indisputable finesse. A lysergic, refined but imaginative wine that tells of the eloquence of the Tuscan terroir.

Approximate price: € 220.00 to € 280.00

Climatic trend 2018 vintage of Sassicaia

Climate trend:

The 2018 growing season saw abundant rains between spring and summer, making for a challenging start. Those frequent rains and humidity alternating with sunny days and warm temperatures have created ideal conditions for fungal diseases. Many winemakers of the Bolgheri appellation have dedicated hours of extra manpower to manage this situation by taking care of the foliage and eliminating the weeds.

Vineyard sites with looser soils and more stones have proven to be well-draining and have given some of the best results. The season turned out to be noticeably warmer and drier in the last few weeks before harvest, which accelerated ripening. However, the harvest came a little later in 2018 due to delays at the beginning of the year.

At Tenuta San Guido the grapes were harvested two weeks later than the average and the excellent quality of the fruit was never compromised. To sum up, 2018 began as a cool vintage but ended as a hot vintage, and even if it is not one of the best Sassicaia vintages, it was certainly great.

Sassicaia wines of the 2018 vintage:

This is Sassicaia da textbook, a wine with an infinitely complex bouquet, elegant phenolic weight, balanced acidity, moderate alcohol content (with a real value of 13.35% and 13.5% reported on the label) and a great aging potential in cellar.

Vintage 2018 Sassicaia star rating: ✭✭✭✭