(LAMEZIA TERME – CATANZARO) Statti is a winery that produces wines in Lamezia Terme, famous for the wines Lamezia Rosso, Batassarro, Mantonico, Gelsi and many others.

Statti’s History and Philosophy

The Statti company, managed today by Alberto and Antonio Statti, is located in Lamezia Terme (from Catanzaro) extending over an area called the “Two Seas”, partially returning to the flat area of S. Eufemia , which went down in history for the battle of Maida, 4 July  1806 , during which the Napoleonic troops who tried to invade  Calabria  to complete the occupation of the  Kingdom of Naples, were definitively defeated by the British fleet and army.


The Statti company covers 500 hectares which have been owned by the family for over three centuries, which is why we can say that it is the Calabria’s oldest farm .Ancient olive trees, orchards, various arable land, cattle breeding, 100 hectares dedicated to viticulture, from which the DOC Lamezia wines are obtained , are the peculiarities, the experience and the heritage of the company. Passion, tradition, family, history, territory and innovation: all enclosed in a wine. A sword nobility that of the Statti, of Albanian origin, who arrived in Calabria around the middle of the century. XV following Prince George Castriota Scandenbeg.

statti-2The vineyards, located on land of Holocene age, are protected from winds from the sea ​​thanks to the hill, which mitigates the climate, in excellent exposure . The plants are espalier and the breeding technique is the classic one of the spurred cordon, and the grapes initially grown Gaglioppo, Greco Bianco and Nero , were then enriched by Mantonico and by the international Chardonnay and Merlot. A cost job that since the 70s has seen this company grow exponentially, which today boasts national and international awards,thanks to the work in the vineyard and in the cellar that have brought to the wines continuous improvements and growth in quality and value, thanks also to the excellent oenological work of the winemaker Lorenzo Landi, in collaboration with Nicola Colombo.

The wines of Statti

The line offered is truly exciting, made up of wines that reflect the tradition and liveliness of this land, an example is the Greco Calabria Igt (Greek in purity), intriguing and pervasive, the Lamezia Doc Rosso (Gaglioppo, Greco nero and Magliocco ) velvety, complex and dynamic, the red Batasarro (Lamezia Rosso Riserva Doc.), Gaglioppo, (Gaglioppo in purity), of great character, austere and elegant. But the whole range really has excellent freshness, strength and identity. It should be noted that the company also produces an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil with outstanding organoleptic qualities. A company that reflects that constant work and affirms with its production that decisive role that the Statti family has played in the Calabrian economy, and the deep link with the history and tradition of the territory.


In addition, particular attention to the environment should be noted through the use of cutting-edge renewable energy that makes all Statti products GREEN and ECO-SUSTAINABLE, without forgetting the two vegan wines LAMEZIA DOC red and white. Peculiarity: among the few Italian companies, and not only, to have the trigeneration plant.

Batassarro Riserva – Lamezia DOC 2013

 Barolo Coste di Rose 2015 by Bric Cenciurio

Appellation: Batassarro Riserva
Grapes: Gaglioppo
Alcohol: 13,5%
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