Tenuta Alzatura

Tenuta Alzatura

(MONTEFALCO – PERUGIA)  The Alzatura estate of the Cecchi family is one of the best producers of Sangrantino, a typical grape of Umbria. Montefalco is one of the top wines.

Tenuta Alzatura’s History and Philosophy

For many centuries Italy has been one of the largest wine producers, having only France as its rival to affirm its primacy over production volumes. And thanks to the role that wine played in the daily existence of the population, the only safe drink when neither water nor milk could be trusted, it was also able to provide the right calories for a society based on hard work. and fatigue. In those days it was not a question of bottled wine, which was decidedly unusual, but rather of bulk wine, also available up to the Second World War, mainly in demijohns. Consequently, finding wineries with a long history is a real rarity, and companies with many years of activity are not common at all.

An exception, however, is the Cecchi company of Castellina in Chianti , founded in 1989, active and thriving like never before. It is on the verge of celebrating 120 years of activity , and the work of four generations is by no means an easy phenomenon to ignore. The original production center is located in the center of Tuscany , and still the main source, with Chianti and Chianti Classico . With the arrival of a new generation, the horizon began to widen and it was therefore natural to develop the idea of ​​investing outside the original territories, which then turned into reality. By now, in fact, Cecchi is also a producer of white wines in nearby San Gimignano and red wines inTuscan Maremma.

The wines of Tenuta Alzatura

Surprisingly, however, the major initial investments were not allocated in Tuscany, but in Umbria , in the small denomination, at the time little known, of Montefalco . The Sangiovese is also present in this area, but the more grapes, and of course the main point of interest was the Sagrantino, a real hard nut, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, but capable of producing wines with exceptional personality and intensity. Fifteen hectares were planted for this variety and ten of Sangiovese were added to these. That it is a truly serious project is demonstrated by the type of production: the vineyards are still relatively young and the average number of bottles per year does not reach 35,000. Which, logically, given the professionalism and ability of the company, have taken their place among the best in the area.

Montefalco Rosso

Montefalco Rosso Tenuta Alzatura

Name: Montefalco
Grapes: Sangiovese 70%, Sagrantino 15%, Merlot 15%.


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