Tenuta Roveglia

Tenuta Roveglia

(POZZOLENGO – BRESCIA) The Zweifel Azzone family in Pozzolegno, in the southern part of Lake Garda, produces excellent Lugana Doc wines, in particular the elegant Lugana Doc Vendemmia Tardiva Filo di Arianna.

Tenuta Roveglia’s History and Philosophy

Tenuta Roveglia is located in the southern part of Lake Garda, in the area between the lake and the morainic hills, in the municipality of Pozzolengo, where three provinces (Brescia, Verona and Mantua) and two regions (Lombardy and Veneto) cross.

This is the production area of ​​Lugana doc which is located in a territory whose geological history dates back to 200 million years ago. This very ancient origin determines some peculiar and unique characteristics. The nature of the soil of morainic origin, clayey and calcareous at the same time, creates the unique conditions for the cultivation of the Turbiana vine.

Even the particularly mild microclimate during the year, thanks to the thermoregulation of Lake Garda, has created extremely favorable conditions for the ripening of the grapes.

This union between soil and microclimate creates a wine celebrated since Roman times for its pleasantness and uniqueness.

The origins of the estate date back to 1404 when the Roveglio family purchased land and farmhouses from the San Salvatore monastery in Brescia (today Santa Giulia). Thus the name was born, but the adventure of the Zweifel-Azzone family linked to wine has its beginning at the end of the nineteenth century, when Federico Zweifel, left his native canton, Glarus in internal Switzerland, to find better working conditions in Italy. Here he fell in love with Lake Garda, where he found a flourishing nature and land that proved to be suitable for the cultivation of the vine.

Although at the beginning the production was for a few enthusiasts, a first expansion was made in the 60s but it is in the 80s, under the management of the son-in-law Giovanni Felice Azzone, that the estate receives a new push, with new vineyards the purchase of modern equipment, thanks to a scientific attitude and a far-sighted entrepreneurial ability.

In 1996, with the approval of the new disciplinary, the Lugana area became part of a much wider area: that of Garda DOC, allowing this company to expand production with the plant also of international vines such as: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Today the Zweifel Azzone family, now in its fourth generation represented by Sara, Vanessa and Babettli Azzone, is able to combine excellent wines with excellent production. With its more than 120 hectares of which almost 100 are vineyards, Tenuta Roveglia is one of the largest areas in the Lugana area.

The wines of Tenuta Roveglia

The line offered is essential, with its ten wines and three spirits; the production of Lugana Doc stands out among the labels, with five different types of Lugana: Lugana Doc Wighel, a fresh and savory wine, Lugana Doc Limne, with seductive floral aromas and structured and enveloping on the palate, or the very fine Lugana Doc Riserva Vigne di Catullus, savory, mineral, voluminous and with an eloquent nose, but also the elegant Lugana Doc Vendemmia Tardiva Filo di Arianna, a savory and vigorous wine obtained from vineyards over 55 years of age, or the Lugana Brut, a great Charmat method drinkability and smoothness. But also the Ca ‘d’Oro Garda Doc Cabernet Sauvignon, a very expressive aristocratic interpretation of the famous Bordeaux grape variety, should also be taken into consideration. All creations made by hand by the Zweifel Azzone family assisted by the great skills of the director Paolo Fabiani, who have made the Lugana of Tenuta Roveglia famous all over the world, successes witnessed by numerous awards and recognized by the best magazines, and critics of the sector.

Tenuta Roveglia is a combination of tradition and innovation, where continuous research has allowed us to obtain important results.

Tenuta Roveglia opens its doors for visits and tastings for small groups as well as large groups. There are various itineraries proposed that lead to discover both the traces of a cellar which, in its oldest part, has its roots in the distant 1400, and the most recent part of modern architecture with an original reference to Gothic art and therefore to the historical past of the winery itself. The itineraries end in the old “stable” or in the “loggetta” with a tasting of the company’s wines accompanied by carefully chosen products typical of the area. During the summer, tastings take place with a view of the vineyards and in environments rich in traces of the past. In the colder months, a warm fire from the various fireplaces will welcome you.

Filo di Arianna

Appellation: Lugana DOC
Grapes: Turbiana in purezza

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