Tenuta Terre Nobili

Tenuta Terre Nobili

(MONTALTO UFFUGO – COSENZA) Lidia Matera cultivates in Montalto Uffugo varieties of Calabrian grapes such as Magliocco and Nerello Cappuccio from which important red wines are produced such as Teodora, Cariglio, Alarico, Ipazia, Donn ‘Eleonò and the white wine Santa Chiara.

Tenuta Terre Nobili’s History and Philosophy

The production of wine in Calabria was dominated during the post-war period, the period in which the bottled wine began to form part of the overall picture of viticulture, from the denomination of Ciro ‘and Gaglioppo grapes. The numbers provide a clear and incontrovertible photograph: with over 400 hectares of vineyards Cirò is more than double, in terms of size, of all the other DOC areas combined, while the more than 2200 hectares of plantations of vineyards of Gaglioppo constitute more than six times the surface of the other six main vines of the region. To use sports jargon: there is no race.

There is, however, another Calabria, and it has begun to attract increasing attention in the new millennium. It is the denomination Terre di Cosenza which, as the name suggests, extends over areas around the city of Cosenza, in the northern part of the region. The topography is hilly and often near the mountain, very different from the Cirò plains, the soils, with their clays, are very different from the sands along the Ionian coast, and the benefits of Cirò’s maritime climate from the cold that high altitude often implies. 

The wines of Tenuta Terre Nobili

Viticulture is clearly totally different in the south, as the dominant varieties are Magliocco and Nerello Cappuccio. The first seems to be by far the most interesting, unusual and different grape, a grape with a marked character, to the point that the producers in Cirò are also working with it. And one of his most important interpreters on a home base is the Terre Nobili estate of Lidia Matera , an expert agronomist who now manages the property of 16 hectares of vineyards founded by his father Enio in the late 1960s. Local indigenous varieties have always been at the center of the production and its flagship wine Magliocco demonstrates all the virtues of the variety: a deep color, very hints of blackberry and blueberry, and a vibrant acidity that distinguishes it from many other southern red grapes. There is no insistence in pure Maglioccoin Terre Nobili, however, and both Donn ‘Eleonò , a Magliocco-Nerello Capuccio blend , and the whole Nerello Cappuccio Teodor a, represent the top of the line wines, and show the mastery in the management of the grapes. The vigorous and vibrant Greco , the white wine that balances the line, completes the picture.

Name: Calabria I.G.T.
Grapes: Nerello hood and mascalese 100%
Alcohol content: 14,5°

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