Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy

(BARBARESCO – CUNEO) The pride of this Piedmontese company is the Barbaresco wine, absolutely characteristic and authoritative, like the Camp Gros red wine, but the whole line is well made starting from a rich Barbera, Dolcetto, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. 

Marchesi di Grésy’s History and Philosophy

The system of controlled denominations that characterizes the production of European wine began to be established in France in the 1930s and the bottles themselves, in turn, owed their recognition to exceptional vineyards, to the crus of the various areas; obviously, not all production was at that level. Italy too has its own crus, although their recognition has been slower to establish itself: only Barolo and Barbaresco have managed, after long efforts, to create a DOCG system comparable to the French and German ones.

As for Barbaresco, there are few doubts about the fact that it was a small number of vineyards that created the prestige that the area has rightly acquired. Among these are Santo Stefano in Neive, Pajoré in Treiso and Sorì Tildin and Sorì San Lorenzo in the same Barbaresco. And, one of the best, Martinenga in Barbaresco, a rare monopoly that, for generations since 1797, has belonged only to the Cisa Asinari di Gresy , one of the noble families of Piedmont.

The wines of Marchesi di Grésy

This vineyard and its grapes had a wide reputation, and one of his admirers was Bruno Giacosa himself in his role not only as producer, but also as agent of lots of grapes. His nose and sharp palate made him a frequent visitor to the estate with the specific purpose of buying his grapes. But this ended in the 70s with the arrival of Alberto di Grésy , at the time a young man who had decided that the time had come for the family to put his name on the label. The rest is history, with the confirmation that these vineyards could only be the source of a Barbaresco of pure excellence and character , with the finesse of the unmistakable aroma and tannic elegance.

The estate also produces other wines: a rich Barbera d’Asti in Cassine in the province of Alessandria, a Dolcetto d’Alba Monte Aribaldo grown in Treiso, fragrant and elegant, Chardonnay and Sauvignon in Barbaresco. But his Barbaresco remains characteristic and authoritative, truly grandiose, and the best of the whole line is the large and aristocratic Camp Gros the number one of the house, born in 1978 as a selection of the Cru Martinenga and proposed as a Reserve since 2010.

From 2013 Alessandro and Ludovica di Grésy started their adventure in the Tenisa Cisa Asinari of the Marquis of Grésy working together with their father Alberto.

Camp Gros Martinenga Barbaresco Docg

Camp Gros Martinenga Barbaresco Docg Marchesi di Gresy

Appellation: Barbaresco Riserva DOCG
Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo
Alcohol: 14%


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