(Corato – Bari) Torrevento, owned by the Lianttonio family, produces excellent white wines and red wines in the area of ​​Castel del Monte in Corato. The wines produced are Matervitae Fiano, Castel del Monte Rosso Bolonero, Kebir that combines black of Troy in Cabernet, Torre del Falco Rosso, Federico II, and the best of all, the historic house cran, pedal vineyard.

History of Torvento wines

Castel del Monte is one of the most important buildings in Puglia: built around 1240 by emperor Federico II, dominates the vast plain underlying Adria and Corato from above. It is an imposing building, of octagonal shape, from the internal diameter of over 150 meters, a true fortress with its eight towers located in the corners (each of which of almost 25 meters).

Now, Castel Del Monte represents one of the largest wine-producing areas, planted with various types of grapes and, more and more, a source of wine that begins to find its place in quality markets around the world.

And the largest producer in the area is undoubtedly Terogento, with headquarters in a monastery of the eighteenth century, a company that can count on over 400 hectares of vineyards cultivated through the principles of organic farming. Not exactly a small activity the one that is in the hands of the Liantonio family, owners from the beginning in the 1940s.

Terroir of Torrevento wines

The lands from which Torrevento wines are born are rocky and dotted even by granite stone walls, from which the name of the area, the Murge, from the word Latin Murex, or hard stone.

The stones are calcareous, however, ideal for quality viticulture, which benefits from poor fertility, and from the low rendering of harvest, of this soil. The climate is dry, useful for maintaining low, and altitude favors thermal excursions and evenings and freshest nights to mitigate the warm excesses of summer days.

Key elements, which give tussy wines a sensational Mediterranean character and great taste-olfactory expressiveness.

Wines of Torrevento

The line of Torrevento wines, obviously wide, considering the amount of hectares of vineyards, obtained mainly from native varieties such as Nero di Troia, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Bombino Nero, Aglianico, Malvasia Nera, Verdeca, Minutolo, Malvasia, Falanghina, Montepulciano, but also a small portion of international grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Among the Torrevento wines of great interest the white Matervitae Fiano, the Castel del Monte Rosso Bolonero; Kebir, which combines the native Nero di Troia (a grape that is the subject of a lot of attention and commitment by the house) and Cabernet, and Torre del Falco Rosso, a pure Uva di Troia whose name is a tribute to passion for Frederick II’s falconry.

The flagship of the Torrevento wines is the historic cru of the house, Vigna del Pedale, which proudly bears the name of its area of ​​origin, Castel del Monte.

But the line of Torrevento wines is waiting to be discovered and once again testifies to the great expressive potential of the Castel del Monte terroir.

Torrevento wines recommended by Italy’s Finest Wines

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