Umberto Cesari

Umberto Cesari

(CASTEL SAN PIETRO TERME – BOLOGNA) Umberto Cesari produces wines in Castel San Pietro Terme, in his production Yemula, Liano, Rubicone Sangiovese, Resultum and many others.

The history and philosophy of Umberto Cesari


The Umberto Cesari farm is based in Castel San Pietro Terme in Emilia Romagna in the province of Bologna. Here the gaze is lost in a breathtaking landscape made up of rolling hills embellished with vineyards, cultivated land in the plains, and the vast and green wooded areas that form the background in the distance.

The farm was founded in 1967 by Umberto Cesari, from whom it takes its name. At the time the Podere Casetta had 20 hectares of property, which over the years have increased to 175 owned and 180 rented, distributed in 6 farms on the border between Emilia and Romagna, where both vines are grown autochthonous and international.

To date, the Umberto Cesari farm boasts a production of over 3 and a half million bottles per year, an important number but which absolutely does not compromise the quality of the products.

The Philosophy of Wines by Umberto Cesari


Umberto Cesari, the founder of the company, was a man of great charisma and passion, who played a crucial role in the enological renaissance of Romagna starting from the 1970s.

The introduction of corks, the adoption of French-inspired assembly techniques, and the aging of the wines in wood are just some of the enological innovations introduced by Umberto Cesari to embellish the wines of Romagna.

Combining native varieties with modern winemaking techniques was in fact a great intuition to be attributed to the visionary Umberto Cesari. Choices that have allowed the wines of Romagna to rise, from the previous banal table wines with a rustic character, to territorial wines of great elegance, among the most appreciated and sought after by wine lovers all over the world.

The Umberto Cesari farm is today run by his son Gianmaria, who together with his family carries on the tradition with the same passion and determination as his father, assisted by a group of authoritative agronomists and oenologists and by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna. .

Respect for the environment and biodiversity are certainly two key elements in the production of Umberto Cesari’s wines. The company has in fact begun to take care of the vineyards following the principles of SQNPI certified integrated agriculture, which emphasizes relationship, sustainability and innovation. Umberto Cesari’s wines are therefore born from an ethical code inspired by the principles of legality, social responsibility and sustainable innovation.

Furthermore, the Umberto Cesari company pays great attention to the artists of Emilia Romagna, such as the famous Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi, to whom many labels have been dedicated. This interest is also evidenced by the line of MOMA wines, which since 2011 has been created by involving young international artists, selected every four years on the occasion of an Art Contest.

Wines of Umberto Cesari

The wines of the Umberto Cesari farm are divided into 6 distinct lines: Cru, Eleganza, Love, Moma and Monovarietali.

Sangiovese di Romagna is the protagonist of this winery, in which its experimentation has been a constant for years, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, as well rooted as its foresight. Among the wines of Umberto Cesari made with Sangiovese we can mention the very elegant Resultum, the flagship of the production and aged in large oak barrels and aged in the bottle for another 12 months. Also of great interest is Tauleto, made from Sangiovese and a small portion of the native grape variety Uva Longanesi, and aged for 24 months in new 225-liter Allier oak barriques.

Among Umberto Cesari’s wines, the ‘Solo’ is really very interesting, obtained from the Merlese variety, that is a cross between Sangiovese and Merlot, conceived from a study carried out together with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna.

Among the wines of Umberto Cesari, the ‘Leiano’ also deserves great attention, an assembly of 70% Sangiovese Grosso and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, which became known all over the world thanks to John Grisham, who named this wine, in the international legal thriller ‘ The broker ‘.

But this land also boasts many other vines, such as Albana di Romagna, which is vinified by Umberto Cesari to create the white wine ‘Colle del Re’ Albana di Romagna DOC and the excellent Passito ‘Colle del Re’, coming from the Podere Cottage.


Among the other wines of Umberto Cesari we find countless interpretations including the sparkling wine Colle belvedere, obtained from the traditional Pignoletto, a varied range of Sangiovese-based red wines, in some cases flanked by the complementary Merlot and Cabernet, two rosé wines based on Sangiovese and white wines both from native varieties such as Trebbiano and Albana, and from the assembly of international grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio.

A further fil rouge that distinguishes Umberto Cesari’s production are very imaginative artistic labels, while the wines are very exciting and capable of masterfully combining the sincere character of native vines and the Emilia Romanga terroir, with a modern and international cut.

Umberto Cesari’s wines are all to be discovered and are further evidence of the extraordinary enological potential of the Emilia Romagna terroir.

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Address: Via Stanzano, 2160, 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme BO
Phone: +39 051 694 7811
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