Venica & Venica

(DOLEGNA DEL COLLIO – GORIZIA)  A Friulian company that produces, under the supervision of Gianni and Giorgio Venica, the excellent white wine Sauvignon Ronco delle Mele, the Friulano Ronco delle Cime and other offers of white wines.

Venica & Venica’s History and Philosophy

The Collio denomination – we are talking about the province of Gorizia, which until the end of the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles was not annexed to Italy – is a classic cool climatic zone in terms of viticulture. The explanation is not difficult to find: in the north and north-east of the province there are mountains whose cold air tends to descend south during the evening and at night. Additionally, temperatures during late spring are far from hot. At the same time, the sea that laps the shore of the region exerts a moderate influence on temperatures, which rarely reach significant peaks even during the hottest days of summer.

Also in this context, therefore, Dolegna del Collio is known for its particularly cool climate, as it is located in the north, practically on the border with Slovenia, even in its own DOC. Its vineyards do not accumulate a great deal of heat, even in hot vintages, and the viticulture of the township must necessarily adapt to these conditions, obviously unchanging, despite human efforts to change them.

A company that has adapted very well to this need, and which today sells its wines all over the world: it is Venica & Venica, the brothers Gianni and Giorgio Venica, in fact leaders in Dolgena.

The wines of Venica & Venica

Red wine is also produced, but in limited quantities, and it is no surprise that the best results are obtained from the early maturation of Merlot. But the pride of the house are the fragrant and refined white wines that are produced from the many varieties of grapes grown.

Some effort is required to list them all, but trying is necessary: ​​they include an elegant Pinot Blanc, a vine – very misunderstood – which gives high-level wines in this denomination; a fresh and fruity Chardonnay; a semi-aromatic wine – all apricots and honey – once called Malvasia, until their neighbors called it Malvasia d’Istria; and a mature and slightly herbaceous Friulian, Sauvignon from France Vert. But the real specialty of the house are its Sauvignon offerings, acclaimed and highly sought after all over the world, in particular the concentrated and expressive Ronco delle Mele.

Venica e Venica Wines

venica vino friulano collio

Appellation: Friulano D.O.C. Collio
Grapes: Friulano 100%
Alcohol: 14°

vino veneto

Appellation: Sauvignon DOC Collio
Grapes: Sauvignon 100%
Alcohol: 13,5°

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Address: Localita’ Cero’, 8, 34070 Dolegna del Collio GO
Tel: +39 0481 61264
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