Venturini Baldini

Venturini Baldini

(RONCOLO – REGGIO EMILIA) Following the Emilian tradition, which sees Lambrusco as its protagonist, this company has been producing quality red and sparkling wines since 1976, such as the sparkling and intriguing Reggiano Lambrusco Rubino del Cerro  and the  Spumante Cadelvento Lambrusco Rosato DOP sparkling wine  with organic production.

Venturini Baldini’s History and Philosophy

The Tenuta Venturini Baldini , an old villa dating back to the seventeenth century. It is located on the hills of Reggio Emilia in Roncolo di Quattro Castella not far from Reggio Emilia in Emilia Romagna. With its 130 hectares, of about 26 hectares of vineyards, it is set in a green area formed by a hilly system which includes the four hills of Monte Vetro, Monte Bianello, Monte Lucio and Monte Zane. A wine company founded in 1976, which over time has become one of the symbols of the best regional wines. The company vineyards, immersed in a varied and evocative landscape, develop, for the most part in the hilly area at an altitude between 300 and 400m asl and rest on clayey and sandy soils, with exposure to the south-east and south -west and organic cultivation.

The Lambrusco is a great protagonist of this company, an expensive wine at Virgilio , Emilia-born two thousand years ago, testifies to the valuable presence, ” vitis labrusca ” in its fifth Bucolica; the company cultivates some varieties: Sorbara , Grasparossa and Salamino , but also other interpreters enrich the soul of the wines produced: Pinot Nero , Pinot Meunier , Pinot Grigio and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica .

The president of the Lorenzo Tersi winery , together with the team of winemakers, takes care of the large production to which only the best grapes are destined, to ensure the best organoleptic and olfactory characteristics, having in this case limited the annual production around 200,000 bottles, although having a production capacity of over 300,000 bottles. In addition, the company recently joined the Quintalia investment company. The enhancement and potential of the area and Lambrusco Reggiano in particular, are one of the cornerstones of this winery whose vinification has recently been entrusted to the authoritative oenologist Carlo Ferrini.

The wines of Venturini Baldini

In this regard, we highlight two wines that fully represent the work and tradition of this company: the sparkling and intriguing Reggiano Lambrusco Rubino del Cerro and the Spumante Cadelvento Lambrusco Rosato DOP sparkling wine with organic production (Sorbara and Grasparossa varieties), which has obtained various awards over the years. The proposed range consists of the I CLASSICI line, VINI D’AUTORE line, 30 MESI line and GIFT COLLECTION line . The latter offers the entire range of Acetaia di Canossa products , which has its origins in the historic vinegar factory located in the upper part of the estate. Balsamic collections ePDO Parmesan , which complete the style of excellence of this company, which is renewed over time thanks to an ancient tradition.

Rubino del Cerro

Venturini Baldini Rubino del Cerro

Name: Reggiano Lambrusco Spumante DOP
Grapes: Lambrusco in the Montericco, Salamino, Grasparossa varieties
Alcohol content: 12th

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