(CASTELLANA GROTTE – BARI) Vignaflora a Noci in the province of Bari produces the Negroamaro red wine and other special wines of Puglia.

The history and terroir of Vignaflora

Vignaflora and its owner Flora Saponari are the result of an incredible story of passion and dreams. We are located in Noci, on the southern Murge, included among the municipalities belonging to the Valle d’Itria and Terra dei Trulli. Here the native Susumaniello has its natural home, a red grape variety, which historiographically represents the wine root especially of the vines of the Salento terroir, along with the other undisputed protagonist Negroamaro.

The Philosophy of Vignaflora wines

As we said Vignaflora is a mix of dreams and passion that Flora Saponari, has been able to achieve with her three tomoli – just over two and a half hectares of land inherited from her grandfather – through her vineyard which is located in the countryside of Noci in district Barsenti.

The vine is grown with low espalier, with sapling plants, without irrigation systems, with organic farming systems, placed on a soil rich in slightly cold limestone, at an altitude of about 300 / 400m above sea level. The short distance from the two seas, about 25 km from the Adriatic and 32 km from the Ionian, determines the mildness of the climate even in the hilly area, this favors the perfect ripening of the grapes, which come with very full and loaded bunches that immediately suggest Bacchus he squeezes them with his mighty hands.

Vignaflora Wines

The wine produced entirely for women is a rosé: 100% Tre Tomoli Rosa di Vignaflora Susumaniello, with unquestionable elegance. In fact, from Susumaniello a red wine with an intense color and rich in fruit is obtained, but its remarkable acidity makes it suitable for producing very fresh rosé wines.

Tre Tomoli Rosa di Vignaflora is an extremely seductive and elegant wine with its pale pink color with coppery reflections and its eloquent nose, already from the first vintage, it won the Gold Medal in the IGT Wines Category, at the Third National Wine Competition of ‘ Vini Rosati DʻItalia ‘, just to mention the beginnings of a success that has never stopped.
Also of great interest is the Tre Tomoli Rosso, a long-limbed, soft, caressing wine, very drinkable and fresh.

But the vinification and bottling take place in Gioia del Colle, at the cellar of the oenologist Filippo Cassano, since Vignaflora does not have its own cellar, but which does not disturb at all, given the result, the estate and the success of Flora Saponari’s rosé. . One can only congratulate such a tenacious and passionate woman who knew how to give such a nectar royal.

Vignaflora Wines selected by Italy’s Finest Wines



Appellation: Puglia IGT Rosato
Grapes: Susumaniello 100%



Appellation: Puglia IGT
Grapes: Susumaniello 100%

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