(SAN PAOLO DI JESI – ANCONA) Vignamato produces wines in San Paolo di Jesi, is famous for its Versus, Incrocio Bruni 54, Verdicchio Versiano, Campalliano, Verdicchio Riserva Ambrosia, Eos and many others

Vignamato’s History and Philosophy

San Paolo di Jesi dominates, from its 224m altitude, the valley to the right of the Esino river in the Marche in the province of Ancona, a territory strongly linked to the production of wine, and this is where the Vignamato company resides with its vineyards located on 27 hectares managed between property and rent, clearly visible from the top of the hills and part of the DOC of Verdicchio, the flagship of the Marche production. A not indifferent wine heritage, which has been structured in these hills for some time, thanks to an ancient tradition.

The history of this company dates back to the immediate post-war period, when Umberto Ceci bought land in the Battinebbia district, now in its fourth generation, it is managed today by Alessandra, Andrea and Francesco, sons of Amato and Maria, who inherited its management in 1952 from father Umberto. A commitment for the spouses, which saw them grow and improve, until they decided on a fundamental change, which in 1992 led them to start, what at the time was the new Vignamato production project and which today can be seen to have excellent results.

The seven different plots on which all production is based are located in the municipalities of S. Paolo di Jesi, Staffolo and Cupramontana. The values ​​of this company are expressed both in the direct testimony and in the maintenance of a wine tradition, and in the field of eco-compatible practices, so much so that a project on the educational farm has recently been started.

The wines of Vignamato

In fact, the vineyards enjoy land composed of clay, sand and limestone, with excellent exposure and moderate ventilation from the nearby Adriatic Sea, at an altitude of about 220 / 500m above sea level. Essential factors for the production of Verdicchio dei Castelli Jesi, which finds its natural habitat only in these lands. While the cultivation, as we have already mentioned, is almost entirely dedicated to Verdicchio, but with some concessions to the red berries of the regional tradition, such as Lacrima, Sangiovese and Montepulciano.

The cellar follows a process that reflects tradition, but supported by new technologies that allow a constant search for quality, in order to achieve ever higher production standards.
Vignamate 2The line offered is divided into four different proposals where the top of the range are the labels of the Selezioni line, with wines such as Versus, Incrocio Bruni 54, Verdicchio Versiano, Campalliano, IGT Rosso and the elegant and balanced Verdicchio Ambrosia Reserve . Then follows the line of I Classici with two very interesting Verdicchi, Valle delle Lame and Eos, as well as two red ones, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba and Esino Rosolaccio. While in the Spumanti line, we find the white from Verdicchio and the rosé from Lacrima and Sangiovese, made with the Charmat method. And finally the Dessert line that presents Passito Antares, a wine characterized by hints of sour cherries typical of the area. It should also be noted that the company also produces an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Ambrosia Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva Classico


Ambrosia, Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva Classico
Appellation:Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva DOCG
Grapes:Verdicchio 100%

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