Vigneti del Vulture

Vigneti del Vulture
I vigneti nella denominazione Aglianico del Vulture di Vigneti del Vulture||

(MELFI – POTENZA) The Farnese Vini group with the winemaker Alberto Antonini produces excellent wines in Acerenza in the province of Potenza. Among the most important wines Pipoli Greco Fiano, Pipoli Rosato, Sensuale Moscato, Aglianico del Vulture Pipoli and Aglianico del Vulture Piano del Cerro.

Vigneti del Vulture’s History and Philosophy

Italy is a land of volcanoes, some of which have played a truly active role in the history of the country. Everyone knows Vesuvius, whose eruptions in 79 AD incinerated the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. And Mount Etna in Sicily, still active, which almost destroyed the city of Catania in the 17th century, continues to entertain travelers of Sicily with lava jets that illuminate the night sky on the east coast of the island. The volcanic soil is not only fertile, but contains mineral elements that give a particular character to the aromas and flavors of the grapes that are grown there.

It is certainly no coincidence that a series of Italian denominations that grow on volcanic soil have, for generations, produced some of the best wines in the country: Gattinara, Soave, Colli Euganei, Frascati, Marino, Taurasi, Lacrima Christi and Etna. And last but certainly not the last, the Aglianico del Vulture , in  Basilicata . Like the Taurasi, from which it is divided by the Apennines, the soil of this area has been formed over the centuries by the eruptions of  the Vulture volcano , fortunately extinct.

vineyards of the Basilicata vulture

Aglianico, the predominant grape of the area, has for a long time shown a real affinity with this type of soil, giving its solid and remarkable structure a freshness, flavor and mineral character that makes its wines unique. And among the producers who know best how to make use of this advantage there is undoubtedly Vigneti del Vulture, located south-east of Barile and Rionero in Vulture.

vineyards of the Aglianico vulture

The company is part of the group called Farnese Vini which, thanks to the intelligence of its director-owners and the excellent technical staff that manages the wine production operations in various parts of southern Italy (in addition to Basilicata: Abruzzo, Puglia, Sicily, Campania and Tuscany), has made a name for itself with a very varied line of well-made wines. Success also due to the advice of the general supervisor Alberto Antonini, who the magazine “Decanter” has included among the top five oenologists in the world, and is the only Italian.

The wines of Vigneti del Vulture

Valentino Sciotti amministratore delegato e socio fondatore Farnese Group

In foto Valentino Sciotti – amministratore delegato e socio fondatore Farnese Group

 vigneti del vulture5

In foto Dennis Verdecchia – direttore tecnico Farnese Group

The range offers the classic varieties of the appellation: Pipoli Greek Fiano , Pipoli Rosato , Sensual Moscato , among whites, Aglianico del Vulture Pipoli and the important selection, Aglianico del Vulture Piano del Cerro , among the reds. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Piano del Cerro

Name: Aglianico del Vulture DOC
Grapes: Aglianico del Vulture 100%
Alcohol content: 14,5°

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