Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

(ZOLA PEDROSA – BOLOGNA) Among the Colli Bolognesi in Zola the company Vigneto delle Terre Rosse of Enrico Vallania, now managed by his sons Elisabetta and Enrico Jr., cultivates the vineyards in a natural way and personality. Among the proposed labels the red wine of Enrico Vallania Cuveé Igt Pinot Nero Grannero and the white wine Giovanni Vallania Chardonnay.

Vigneto delle Terre Rosse’s History and Philosophy

The Terre Rosse Vineyard is located in Zola Predosa in the province of Bologna in Emilia Romagna . There are numerous testimonies in Roman and medieval times of the wine history of this land, just think that the hilly Zolese territory was a point of passage of the ancient Via dei Brentatori, who were authorized to transport wine through the “brente”, taste it and to evaluate the price according to the quality and collected the taxes. They were great wine connoisseurs and for this, we can define them as the first sommeliers in history.

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This legacy has much in common with the founder of the company, Enrico Vallania, a doctor by profession, a passionate oenophile and great wine connoisseurs, dedicated to the constant research of systems and technologies that have guaranteed an improvement in the quality of wine production, respecting the environment and biodiversity, seeking an ethical compromise in the intervention of the non-invasive human hand. Currently the company is managed by their children Elisabetta and Enrico Jr., who take care of every phase of cultivation, from processing and marketing, maintaining the paternal philosophy.

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In photo: Elisabetta Vallania

The wines of Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

The approximately 25 hectares of property, in which the vineyards rest on soils with particular characteristics: clayey, calcareous-ferrous, are cultivated respecting the scrupulous research of Vallania and therefore for about 30 years have been made extremely suitable for noble productions such as: Riesling Renano, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the autochthonous and aromatic Malvasia.

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A production of wines of particular personality and pleasantness, which can be summarized in a few steps: selection, clonal in the microclimate of the vineyard, experimentation of the planting layouts, thinning of the bunches, fragmented harvest, which still constitute some of the main research points today. The line is complete and reflects the desired diversity of these complex vineyards.

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We point out among the proposed labels the red by Enrico Vallania Cuveé Igt Pinot Nero Grannero Igt 2015 , a synthesis of four clones of French origin, decisive, persistent with complex hints, while for the whites the autochthonous Malvasia Adriana Vallania Igt 2017 with intense fruity aromas and Pinot Bianco Vite Dell A Goccia D’oro Igt 2018 soft, balanced and fresh and  Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania, with delicate notes.

Vigneto delle Terre Rosse Wines selected by Italy’s Finest Wines

Il Rosso di Enrico Vallania Cabernet Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

Appellation: Colli Bolognesi I.G.T
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Alcohol: 14,5
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Giovanni Vallania Chardonnay Vigneto delle Terre Rosse


Appellation: Colli Bolognesi I.G.T
Grapes: Chardonnay 100%
Alcohol: 12,5
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