Pairing Wine and Carbonara – The 5 Rules and 10 Pairings

How to pair wine and Carbonara? Discover the right wine to accompany Pasta alla Carbonara in all its forms. The five rules for pairing Carbonara wine with red, white and sparkling wines.

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1) Carbonara wine pairing by structure

Which wine with Carbonara? When we talk about the Carbonara Wine pairing we enter a world of true goodness. The first sine qua non in the Carbonara Wine pairing is to find wines with good structure that support the complexity of this dish. Light wines, not very concentrated, not very alcoholic, if paired they would be easily overwhelmed by the richness of the Carbonara ingredients.

2) Carbonara wine pairing for sweet pasta and egg yolk trend

Among the ingredients of Carbonara there is Pasta which, like all cereals, is rich in starch. Therefore, even if rich in seasonings, after chewing it maintains a neutral flavor with a sweet tendency. The egg yolk is also characterized by fatness with a sweet tendency.

Therefore, the wines recommended to be paired with Carbonara must have a dose of freshness and flavor so that they can balance and harmonize the sweet tendency of these ingredients.

3) Carbonara wine pairing for bacon and pecorino fatness

The Guanciale della Carbonara is a particularly greasy and fatty cut of pork. Pecorino Romano PDO also has an important fat component.

Therefore the choice of the recommended wine to combine with Carbonara must be able to balance the fatness and greasiness of these ingredients. Ideal wines to combine with Carbonara must have good acidity (freshness) and possibly also effervescence (bubbles), sensational to smooth the fatness and clean the palate.

4) Which wine to pair with Carbonara? Sparkling, white or red? 

Which wine to pair with Carbonara? Red wine, white wine or sparkling wine? As we will see in detail, all types of wine are, in different ways, potentially valid and recommended for pairing with Carbonara. The important thing is that the chosen wine has a good structure, persistent and rich in aromas, but above all with good acidity.

Pairing Carbonara and Sparkling Wines?

It is undoubtedly recommended to combine dry carbonara sparkling wines as the CO2 present in the wines can degrease the greasiness and succulence and balance the sweet tendency of the dish. In this case, even wines with bubbles and incisive effervescence can be functional, since the fat components of Carbonara will be harmonized.

Particularly recommended are the classic method sparkling wines of greater structure, the combination of Prosecco and Carbonara is less suitable because it would be easily dominated by the intensity of the Carbonara.

How to pair Red Wines and Carbonara?

Pairing red wine and Carbonara? It is considered one of the riskiest combinations. The greater structure of a red wine can support well the spiciness and flavor of the Guanciale and Pecorino, but with the necessary precautions.

Wines with too impetuous tannins are not recommended for pairing with Carbonara, since the palate already saturated by the presence of fats must be cleaned up, not dried by further dryness and astringency. If you want to be daring, it is recommended to opt for red wines that play more on freshness than on tannins.

Pairing White and Rosé Wines with Pasta alla Carbonara?

In the combination of Wine and Carbonara by contrast, very structured and evolved white wines are also ideal, but also full-bodied rosé wines with a lively and mineral grip. The more marked acidity of these wines will be providential to mitigate the fatness of the guanciale, while the mineral iodized note of the wines will allow to balance the sweet tendency of the yolk.

However, we must remember that for a good wine pairing with Carbonara, white and rosé wines with great strength and body must be chosen, otherwise the richness of the ingredients will take over.
Always effective, but not dogmatic, take into account the territorial combination of wine and Carbonara.

5) Territorial wine and carbonara pairing:

Very often, as with many combinations, the best oenological response recommended in the combination of Vino Carbonara is certainly the territorial combination.
It is no coincidence that a rich and intense dish like Carbonara marries perfectly with some of the best white wines of Lazio with a Mediterranean character such as Frascati Superiore, Cannellino di Frascati, Bellone, Est, Est, Est! di Montefiascone or the great white wines of Orvieto, between Umbria and Lazio.

Il Cesanese è senza dubbio il Rosso del Lazio per eccellenza, interessante nell’abbinamento con la Carbonara

Which wine with Carbonara? Among the territorial combinations red wine with Carbonara to consider the sensational Cesanese del Piglio, but also the international varieties and Bordeaux cuts of which Lazio is rich.
The combination of Carbonara with Syrah wine from Lazio is interesting, so that the natural spicy notes of the grape given by the rotundone take up the spicy notes of the dish.

Among the territorial combinations, wine and Carbonara with sparkling wine, some rare, but very convincing, Lazio Classic Method wines should also be considered. There are some that have received great appreciation from critics, made both as native vines such as Bellone, Nero Buono but also international with the classic Chardonnay.

To learn more, read the article dedicated to the wines of Lazio.

So let’s find out how to combine Carbonara wine.


What wine to pair with Carbonara? Pasta alla carbonara is a traditional first course of Lazio and Roman cuisine, characterized by its popular ingredients and a savory, rich and spicy taste. The types of pasta most used in the Carbonara tradition are spaghetti and rigatoni.
How to accompany the flavor, spiciness and fatness of Pasta alla Carbonara with a wine? Let’s see how to juggle the pairing with white wines, red wines and sparkling wines with Carbonara.

Which white wine to pair with Carbonara?

We recommend a white wine with great structure and good persistence, with eloquent aromas, with a gritty acidity.

The ideal choices recommended for pairing White Wine with Pasta alla Carbonara? To leave the aforementioned territorial Carbonara wine pairing why not consider excellent white wines from Campania, with good structure and acidity such as Greco di Tufo or Fiano d’Avellino.

But also a savory and Mediterranean Vermentino di Gallura, an Ansonica from the Island of Elba or the Etna Bianco wines based on Carricante, but why not try the hydrocarbon notes of an evolved Nascetta?

Among the combinations of white wine and Carbonara pasta we can otherwise consider wines with good body and fragrant like a Bolgheri Vermentino in Tuscany, a Cortese di Gavi in ​​Piedmont, or an excellent Grechetto from Umbria.

Ideal among carbonara wine pairings can be white wines of good concentration that may have undergone aging in wood and aging sur lies.

Because? These wines are characterized both by good acidity which will balance the greasiness of the dish, but also by the structure necessary to support the rich ingredients of Carbonara.

Which red wine to pair with Carbonara?

Which red wine to pair with Carbonara? For those who love red wines even alongside rich first courses such as Pasta alla Carbonara, the ideal is to identify structured wines but with not excessive tannins. Tannic red wines could create a short circuit with the sweet trend of the egg.

For the pairing of Pasta alla Carbonara wine it is advisable to opt for non-young spicy red wines. Red wines must have a lively acidity but compact and less impetuous tannins, which will be able to balance the hardness of the Carbonara ingredients.

Among the combinations of red wine and Carbonara, the enveloping and elegance of a fresh and spicy Syrah from Lazio or Cortona with a few years of evolution, whose notes of black pepper will masterfully trace the spiciness of Carbonara.

Il Merlot è un vino dai tannini morbidi, molto diffuso anche nel Lazio. Può essere un perfetto abbinamento con la Carbonara.

Also to be considered as a Carbonara red wine pairing is an enveloping and soft Bolgheri based on Merlot, or a Merlot from Lazio.

The combinations of Pasta alla Carbonara with a penetrating Montepulciano d’Abruzzo are interesting, rigorously with a few years behind it and with polymerized and silky tannins. On younger wines it is possible to opt for a fruity and long-limbed Morellino di Scansano.

What wine to pair with Carbonara? Going north why not try wines with good body, measured tannins and good spiciness such as a fresh and floral Schiava from Alto Adige, a long-limbed Pinot Nero from Oltrepò Pavese, a soft Valpolicella Ripasso, or a Barbera d’Asti with acidity Pounding, but why not try the spiciness of a Schioppettino from the Colli Orientali del Friuli?

Pair a Lambrusco alla Carbonara? Opting for versions of great value, such as certain Lambrusco Ancestral Methods, could be an interesting solution to balance the fat component, as often happens in Emilian cuisine. Be careful: the bitter vinous character of the common Lambrusco of little value could create a short circuit if combined with the Carbonara egg.

Did someone say the combination of Carbonara and Refosco dal Penducolo Rosso? Ça va sans dire!

Which sparkling wine to pair with Carbonara?

Which sparkling wine is suitable for pairing with Pasta Carbonara? In this case you can dare with the effervescence, freshness but also the structure and the olfactory complexity trying the territorial combination with a Classic Method based on Bellone or Nero Buono. Sparkling wines with a frank, decisive and rustic character that perfectly match the fatness and greasiness of Pasta alla Carbonara.

Otherwise, to match the wine with interpretations of Pasta alla Carbonara Gourmet, you can opt for Italian Classic Method wines of great structure and long aging on the yeasts such as the best Alta Langa, Franciacorta, Trento DOC and Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico wines.


What wine to pair with Vegetarian Carbonara? Heresy, destruction of traditions? More and more vegetarians for various reasons and choices undertake the vegetarian choice and for this reason the Pasta alla Carbonara has also been revisited with vegetarian interpretations without the bacon. If you prefer to call it pasta with little egg cream, it is a delicious veg-friendly alternative, especially when paired with a good wine.

Often the Pasta alla Carbonara Vegetariana is seasoned with vegetables such as Zucchini, Asparagus and above all the Artichokes (Yes, really them, the most feared by all for food and wine pairing).

Do not be intimidated by Artichokes, if properly cleaned and cooked their intrinsic tannins will fade towards sweeter and more delicate sensations, which can also lend themselves to pairing with wine.

Sensational in this case can be the combination of Carbonara Vegetariana wine with dry white wines and rosé wines with good flavor and structure.
In general, very savory white or rosé wines will be ideal for the Carbonara Vegetariana wine pairing because they will be able to reinforce the sweet tendency of vegetables by filling the absence of the sapidity of the bacon with their minerality.


What wine to pair with Carbonara? Let’s find out together the examples of wine pairing and Pasta alla Carbonara recommended to understand which wine to pair with Carbonara on every occasion.

From the pairing of white wine and Pasta alla Carbonara, examples of pairing red wine with Pasta alla Carbonara, how to pair sparkling wines and Pasta alla Carbonara, examples of pairing rosé wine and Pasta Carbonara and examples of pairing wine and Pasta alla Carbonara Vegetariana .

Pairing White Wine and Carbonara Pasta

An excellent choice of territorial pairing of white wine with Pasta alla Carbonara can be represented for example by the sensational pairing of Pasta alla Carbonara and Viognier del Lazio.

The elegant white grape variety from the Rhône Valley embellished by the Mediterranean climate of Lazio, the volcanic soils and the use of barriques, gives life to wines of great character that combine great olfactory finesse, sapidity and strength. An excellent example can be the sensational Viognier by Ômina Romana.

Among the white wines to be paired with Carbonara, thanks to the pleasant mineral touches and the vivid fruity and refreshing aromas, the white wines with a Mediterranean character are excellent examples such as Frascati Superiore, Cannellino di Frascati, Vermentino di Gallura, Ansonica dell’Isola d’Elba , Grechetto Umbro or Greco di Tufo.

Pairing Red Wine and Carbonara Pasta

Which red wine to pair with Pasta alla Carbonara? A Syrah with a few years of evolution from Lazio could be a sensational Pasta alla Carbonara wine pairing. A wine with spicy notes of black pepper, good body but with an evolved tannin and tamed by a wise use of wood. For example, the exceptional ‘Mater Matuta’ Riserva from Casale del Giglio is worth trying.

Il Syrah è ricco di una molecola odorosa (terpene) chiamata ‘rotundone’ che richiama il Pepe Nero. Quale migliore abbinamento vino e Carbonara per chi ama la sua speziatura intensa!

Another delicious answer to the combination of wine and Pasta alla Carbonara to emphasize the penetrating spicy tones of the dish is certainly the Cesanese, a wine of great territorial value. But to consider among the red wine and Carbonara combinations also a Syrah from Cortona, a Merlot from Lazio, a Morellino di Scansano or a Bolgheri.

Sparkling wine and Carbonara pairing

What wine to pair with Carbonara? With its scents of white flowers, citrus fruits and hints of bread making, a Traditional Method Sparkling Wines based on Bellone, so fragrant and intensely persistent that, even alongside the richness of Pasta alla Carbonara, it can reveal its innate flavor.

Finally, to combine the wine with Spaghetti alla Carbonara to be considered as an accompaniment to a Traditional Method Sparkling Wine that includes long aging on the yeasts such as the best wines of Alta Langa, Franciacorta, Trento DOC and Oltrepò Pavese Classic Method.

Ideal match also for a Pizza alla Carbonara, the long aging of the yeasts gives aromatic notes of bread-making and bread crust that go well with the aromas of the pizza dough.

Wine pairing and Vegetarian Carbonara

Which wine to pair with Vegetarian Carbonara Pasta? A Chardonnay from Lazio aged in barriques can be a perfect match to balance the fatness of the ingredients and give mineral flavor that harmonizes with the sweet tendency of egg yolk.

A white wine from Lazio with a good structure, perfect to harmonize with the delicate nuances of the vegetables of the Carbonara Vegetariana, but which can also give a mineral grip, thanks to the minerals present in the volcanic soils of Lazio.

Try the excellent Chardonnay of Ômina Romana.

As a principle, combining white or rosé wines of good flavor with the Carbonara Vegetariana will be an ideal choice. Try it also with Etna Bianco, Rosati del Salento or with a Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo. Did someone say Spaghetti di Carbonara Vegetariana and Vini Orange? Seeing is believing!

Wine pairing and Carbonara Pizza

What wine to pair with Carbonara? Also in this case it could be interesting to combine the Pizza in Pala alla Carbonara with the White and Sparkling Wines of Lazio already mentioned. But why not try a sensational classic Campania method sparkling wine for the wine pairing Pizza with Carbonara: Asprinio d’Aversa Metodo Classico, a real rare gem that could surprise you.

To learn more, discover the article dedicated to the pizza and wine pairing. Complete with examples on how to pair pizza and wine.

Wine pairing and Truffle Carbonara

To learn more, discover the article dedicated to the pairing of wine and truffles. Complete with examples on how to combine truffles and wine.

Wine and Fish Carbonara pairing

Which wine to pair with Pasta alla Carbonara di Mare? Carbonara di mare, or fish carbonara, is a tasty and creamy variant of the classic carbonara pasta. In general, Carbonara di Mare is combined with fatty fish such as fresh tuna, salmon and swordfish. Also in this case the best option in pairing wine and Carbonara di Pesce consists in pairing with white or rosé wines of great structure, aromaticity and great freshness and acidity and so that they can balance the greasiness of the oily fish of the Fish Carbonara.

What pairings of wine and fish carbonara? A Gewürztraminer or a Muller Thurgau from Alto Adige should be considered in the Carbonara di Mare wine pairing. But consider also a Riesling or a Chardonnay in the wine and Carbonara di Pesce pairing. A Carricante from Etna should also be considered in the pairing of wine and fish carbonara.